JANUARY 19 ~ 27 Cognac,IsleofIslay

Distillery Visit

Invited by Remy Cointreau Thailand



JANUARY 29 ~ 02 Taipei,Taiwan

EAST END Appearance

Invited by Proverbs Hotel
Training & Shift

FEBRUARY 18 ~ 21 Vienna,Austria

Japanese Bartending Session

Invited by Beam Suntory

Holding a Seminar


FEBRUARY 21 ~ 22 Kyoto,Japan

KI NO BI Visit

Invited by CCF



FEBRUARY 23 ~ 27 Bangkok,Thailand

Wedding & Locker Room

Invited by myself
Joining a wedding & work at Locker

MARCH 11 ~ 14 Taipei,Taiwan

Diageo WC Taiwan Semi-Finals

Invited by Diageo Taiwan

MARCH 18 ~ 19 Osaka,Japan

Suntory Osaka Factory 100yo Anniversary Visit

Invited by Suntory
Joining their ceremony

MARCH 20 ~ 22 Taipei,Taiwan

Diageo Taiwan Boot Camp

Invited by Diageo Taiwan
Kick their ass

MARCH 22 ~ 27 Singapore,Singapore

A Seminar for DFS about KI NO BI

Invited by DFS Singapore & Kyoto Distillery
Giving a seminar

MARCH 27 ~ 28 Chichibu,Saitama

TIBS Annual Bottle Tasting

Invited by Chichibu Distillery
Tasting some yummies

MARCH 29 ~ 01 Shanghai,China

BVLGARI Hotel Appearance

Invited by BVLGARI Hotel
Serving Cognac & Campari cocktails

APRIL 02 ~ 03 Fukuoka,Japan

Ketel 1 Seminar

Invited by Diageo Kirin
Holding a seminar

APRIL 15 ~ 19 Barcelona,Spain

Visiting My Friend's Bar

Invited by my friend

APRIL 28 ~ 06 Jerez,Scotland

HIGH FIVE 10th Anniversary Trip

Invited by HIGH FIVE Co. Ltd.

MAY 15 ~ 19 Singapore,Sinagapore

Singapore Cocktail Festival

Invited by Nutmeg & Clove
Making some drinks

MAY 21 ~ 26 Shanghai,China

Hennessy Master's Masterclass & Shift

Invited by Cognac Hennessy
Carry some luggage 

MAY 27 ~ 30 Taipei,Taiwan

Diageo WC Taiwan Finals

Invited by Diageo Taiwan Inc.
Judging their competition

JUNE 04 ~ 08 Kief,Ukraine

Bar Insight

Invited by Ukraine Bartenders' Association
Holding seminars and friendly shift

JUNE 17 ~ 20 Singapore,Singapore

Diageo WC Singapore Finals

Invited by Diageo Singapore Inc.
Judging their competition

JUNE 27 ~ 03 Bogota,Colombia

Diageo WC Colombia Finals

Invited by Diageo Colombia Inc.
Judging their competition

JULY 04 ~ 10 HongKong&MACAU,China

Diageo WC HK & Macau Finals

Invited by Diageo Moet Hennessy HK Inc.
Judging their competition & Friendly Shift

JULY 17 ~ 20 Bangkok,Thailand

#FindTheLockerRoom Anniversary

Invited by LockerRoom
Anniversary Friendly Shift

AUGUST 23 ~ 27 Lima,Peru

Clase Maestra

Invited by Organizer
Holding a masteclass & some interviews

SEPTEMBER 09 ~ 14 Jerez,Spain

Sherrymaster TIO PEPE

Invited by González Byass Inc.
Join into their seminar

SEPTEMBER 22 ~ 28 Glasgow,UK

Diageo WC Global Finals

Invited by Diageo Inc.
Judging competition

OCTOBER 16 ~ 18 Taipei,Taiwan

Bar Mood Taipei Anniversary

Invited by Bar Mood
Have fun

OCTOBER 21 ~ 24 HK,China

BAR DE LUXE Presents, Masterclass by Mr. Nick Wu

Invited by myself
Helping the event

OCTOBER 25 ~ 28 Tokushima,Japan

NBA National Finals

Invited by NBA
Holding the comp.

NOVEMBER 06 ~ 12 Beijing,China

Hennessy Event & Beijing BarShow

Invited by MHD China & BVLGARI Hotel
Seminar & shift

DECEMBER 05 ~ 08 HK,China

BAR DE LUXE 3rd Year Anniversary

Invited by Meta Bev
Training & shift

DECEMBER 13 ~ 16 Bangkok,Thailand

#FindTheLockerRoom Yearly Christmas Visit

Invited by the team
Training & shift

DECEMBER 16 ~ 19 Singapore,SGP

London Essence Friendly Visit

Invited by London Essence
Training & shift

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